Jay Baron Nicorvo’s debut poetry collection revolves around a central character, called Deadbeat, descendant of John Berryman’s Mr. Bones, Marvin Bell’s Dead Man and Ted Hughes’s Crow...


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JAY BARON NICORVO's poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and criticism have appeared in PloughsharesPoets & WritersSalon, and The Believer. His writing has been featured on NPR and PBS NewsHour. Four Way Books published his debut poetry collection, Deadbeat. He lives on an old farm outside Battle Creek with his wife, Thisbe Nissen, their son, Sonne, and a dozen vulnerable chickens.

Brief Bio


"It seems possible that Jay Baron Nicorvo has ingested all the darkness of this life and now breathes fire."

 —  Nick Flynn

Jay Baron Nicorvo

Photo: Thisbe Nissen